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Have you smooched your pooch today?
Pack Dog Walks

I know you're tired when you get home from work, let me alleviate some of your pups excess energy; that way when you get home you have a more mellow and worn out pooch ready to snuggle and relax with their owner! Tired of coming home to potty accidents? Let me help help relieve your pup mid-day so you don't have to worry about the carpets! Not only do I walk and play with your pup, but I will also enhance his basic obedience skills! Think about it, because your pooch will be with me (a dog trainer) every day I can positively reinforce things like:  coming when called, not jumping on people, nice greetings, behaving well around other dogs, not jumping out of the car until it's safe... Remember, its all  included for free! Your pup will be outdoors for a guaranteed 45 minutes (not including travel time) so your home-alone pup will get to spend  1-4 hours with me!!! We will visit a variety of trails, beaches,  and dog parks as well as walk on leash in residential neighborhoods. As you may know exercise and socialization (with humans and other dogs) are crucial in having a happy, well rounded dog. Being with the same person and pack of dogs everyday (consistency) allows your pooch to settle into his away-from-home family on a deeper level because he has the ability to build routines and friendships, both of which dogs are very fond of.

PRICING: $30 for 45 minutes guaranteed outdoors time*

Please remember that a Meet-N-Greet is required prior to any walking service.

(minimum 2 walks per week, M-F only)​

Perfect for:

Dogs that require more exercise who could use the extra friends and socialization opportunities
 (don't worry if you have a "reactive" dog, that's my specialty and I work with them before allowing them into the pack).

Not suitable for:

Puppies under 4 months of age, elderly dogs, dogs with serious medical conditions, breeds with flat faces
 (heat stroke risk on a long, hot walk). 

What else do you get?  "Daily Dig" and/or "Weekly Wag" Reports so that you are always thoroughly updated on your how the time went for your loved one while you were away. On top of that you will also receive a"Pack of Pup Pics", some of the highlighted frame-worthy pictures e-mailed to you of your adorable dog.  Check out my FAQ's page for more. 

"How To" Dog Training

Invite me into your home and let me show you one on one

"How To"
  stop the annoying habits (barking, jumping on people, pulling on the leash, eating food off the floor...) 

"How To"

  start getting the desired behaviors you wish (coming when called, waiting for the car door to open, sitting when being introduced to people...).

It's an easy-to-understand, easy-to-apply approach backed by 
 Positive Reinforcement 

PRICING: $120 an Hour

First session is 2 hours, second session (if needed) is one hour. Majority of my clients are able to resolve their issues in two sessions (assuming their practicing while I'm away). 

Wee Wee Emergency

Have you ever unexpectedly had to stay late at work for a few hours and have to leave Fido home alone waiting for you? Not only is he stuck at home with no dinner, but chances are he has to potty too! Yes you can make him wait, but when you finally do come home from that extra long day at work you still have walk him and feed him, and/or clean up after his “accident” because he couldn’t hold it those extra couple hours. OR you could just call me* and I’ll take care of it all so that while stuck at work you can be worry and guilt free. That way when you eventually do come home to Fido all you need to do is RELAX! A Meet-N-Greet is required so that I can get to know a little bit more about your pooch so make sure you call today, you never know when you'll have a Wee Wee Emergency!

              *calls for Wee Wee Emergency will be accepted until 6PM and services are 
subject to last-minute availability

PRICING: 20 minute walk or yard time and dinner fed $40  

 $35 For Daily Walk Clientele      (Snuggles & Rubs no extra cost)  

“Jump Start” for Puppies

Most of our dogs' problems and bad habits develop in those first couple months of their lives if there is no solid, consistent, positive communication system set in place. As with most things, it’s easier to deter the problem than to fix it! Already signed up with another puppy class, but have to wait over a week for it to start? Every day is an opportunity for your new pup to learn a new bad habit, and I bet you have questions NOW, that’s why I offer the “Jumpstart”! It's also good to know that while Puppy Classes are wonderful for supervised socialization and basics, most find 1 on 1 training more valuable, because you feel comfortable asking ALL the questions YOU have for YOUR unique situation. You don’t have to be lost, let me help you! 

A 3 set series of 1-on-1 in home traingings that will help you start off on the right track with your puppy. We will puppy-proof your home, learn about potty training, sit, stay, leave it, come here  and the proper way to walk your pooch on a leash. On top of that, we will also go over the ABC’s of “Doggie Learning” so that you'll have an idea on how to handle things that can come up.

PRICING: 3 Private In-Home Trainings  $380  ($480 Value)

This service is PERFECT for those who are either expecting a new puppy and would like to properly prepare or for those who have already signed up for another programs puppy classes but have to wait over a week and a half for them to begin.  Their pages are blank slates, everything that happens in the first few months WILL leave life lasting effects! This service provides you with the means to deal with some key issues so that you don’t have to struggle until your puppy class begins, hurry up before your pup learns a new bad habit!
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