Why Smooch A Pooch Services?

You get Dog Training & Dog Walking all at once (Pet Sitting Coming Soon)!!! I am able to consistently enhance your pups basic obedience skills, such as coming when called, not jumping on people, nice greetings, behaving well around other dogs, not jumping out of the car until it's safe, commands like stay, leave it, and remember, it's INCLUDED FOR FREE!!! You can also feel safe knowing that your pooch is with someone who is certified in dog training, dog walking, and Pet 1st Aid and CPR. My daily dog walks are a guaranteed 45 minutes outdoors time, plus up to 3 hours joyriding with me to pick up the rest of the pack, no more cooped up pup!

In what areas do you offer your services?

Currently I am accepting new Dog Walking clients in and inbetween San Anselmo and Terra Linda. Why the limits? I have realized that I am able to spend more quality time with the dogs when I concentrate my efforts in a local, smaller district rather than driving all over Marin County. For Dog Training however, I cover all of Marin County (West Marin add gas $).  

Will it be the same person walking my dog every time?

Yes, they’ll be walking with me!  As you can imagine, when a dog walks with the same person and pack of dogs every day they are able to form more of a solid, trusting, quality relationship.  Walking with a new person and new dogs day in and day out can be extremely stressful for your pooch, remember, dogs (like us) are comforted in consistency and routine!

Do you have a minimum number of days that I would need in order to sign up for daily walking?

There is a 2 day minimum per week (M-F only), although half of my clients tend to stick with a walk every work day of the week.  Even ones that work from home or close to tell me how "knowing their dog is taken care of for the day" enables them to get more work, errands and or relaxing done. Requiring 2 days a week allows the dogs to really get to know each other and get comfortable, rather than throwing different dogs in the mix all the time which can cause canine anxiety. Remember again, dogs love consistency and routines, so if you work all week, keep Fido in mind! 

Do you take dogs off-leash on walks?

Yes, but only if  your dog has proven that he responds to voice-commands and of course if I have your permission. If I feel that your dog's recall is weak, but you would like him  to walk off leash then I will work with him on leash or in gated areas until I am confident that he will be able to run free and come back. 

How do you travel?

Dogs will be safely transported to and from the walks in a well ventilated, reliable Honda CRV, while pickups and drop offs will be done as quickly and quietly as possible. 

How are you GREEN?

Respecting our environment is not just a core value to me but rather  a way of life!  Daily Dig and Weekly Wag Reports are e-mailed to you instead of left on a note pad (all that paper really adds up)! The paper that I do print on day to day is at least 30% recycled, and as if that weren't enough our poop-pick-up bags are 100% biodegradable and are as compostable as an apple! 
                                                          Talk about GREEN!!! 

What’s your grooming policy?

On rainy days I'll allow some extra time for towel drying and a brief brush-n-fluff with some grooming spray (only if you wish), but please understand that it will not be possible to return your dog squeaky clean. If you can leave a dry towel near the door for me to clean your pup with I appreciate it!!!

What is your cancellation policy? 

I'm actually quite flexible. If I find that I need to be "flexible" more often than not, meaning many last minute cancellations, then I inform you that I will start to enforce this policy: At least 24 hours notice is required for a full refund or credit towards another day. Canceling the day of will result in a charge of 50% of the daily walk rate.  If I show up for a scheduled walk and the dog is not home you will be charged the entire walk rate.

Do you walk on holidays?

Yes! If for some reason I am not able to work a holiday, I will give you a months notice so that you can make alternative arrangement.  

How do I begin using Smooch a Pooch Services?

Call or text 917-841-3806 with the following information: Name, address, phone number,  pup's name, age, breed, if they are spayed or neutered, if they have any medical conditions and which service you're interested in.  Next (if dog walking)  we will set up a "Meet-N-Greet" which  is free of charge of course. We'll have a chat about your dog and all get to know each other a bit, fill out some paperwork and you'll have to sign a contract. Your dog could be heading out for his first walk the very next day!

How can I make a payment?

For your convenience there are multiple methods of payment: Cash, Money Order, Check, Venmo and PayPal. We will go over the policies for each at our Meet-N-Greet. 

My dog is not well socialized. Can he go out with other dogs?

Possibly. If he is nervous, shy or fearful then he might really benefit from going out with a pack and being regularly exposed to other dogs (socialization).  A test walk plus lots of communication on both of our ends would be required.  Please understand that if I feel your pup is not benefiting from the group walk, I may recommend a few training sessions to help prepare him for a group walk. 

I have an aggressive dog with some issues, but because you’re a dog trainer you can take him, right?

Maybe. What you think is "aggresive" might just be "reactive"- which means with training, communication and your help he might be a group walk dog. If your dog has bitten (broken skin and bleeding) another dog then MAYBE not. It still may be worth it however for us to have a Meet N Greet, that way I can get  better understanding of his behavior and evaluate the situation better.  Working with dogs who have aggression can take a lot of hard work, socialization, and training time, which I am willing to do with  owner if you want your pup to be in a group walk. 

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