Did you know that having your dog walked while you're away helps them avoid destructive behaviors such as chewing, barking, and digging! The reason most dogs chew, bark, and dig when they are home alone is because they have too much energy and nothing to do. It also gives them the socialization (human and canine) that they crave! By the time I pick up your pup, the others in the pack, bring them to the park, play for an hour and then bring everyone home, your pup is out of the house for 3-4 hours!!!  Daily exercise for dogs is just as important and vital as it is for humans. It will help keep your dog's heart, lungs, and muscles strong and healthy so he not only lives longer but enjoys a higher quality of life. Lack of exercise, just like in humans can lead to obesity, diabetes, respiratory and joint problems, heart issues and the list goes on…

I know what it's like to come home from a long days work, you're mentally and physically tired and just want to relax. If your dog has been home alone all day you will have a hyper, eager, pup wanting you to play and to go on a walk. Let me do that for you, so that when you get home you can just RELAX with your pooped out pup! 

Tired Dog=Happy Dog.......which means happy parents!!!


I know the communication barrier is one of the founding issues when it comes to "having our dogs listen". My 7 year old golden/lab Utah is a testament to that! Education for the pooch and for you the parent is important if you want to be able to communicate effectively with your dog, they don't speak English so we have to work extra hard to help them understand what's expected of them. . Especially when it comes to basic obedience, I believe that a huge portion of "dog training" is educating you the parent on how a dog thinks and how you should react. That's the part that I enjoy, helping people "get" their dogs. The earlier this positive education can start the better, it's much easier to deter a problem in a puppy than it is to fix it in an adult! 


Who wouldn't want to re-live a positive experience? I try to enhance not only the dogs’ quality of life but yours as well by offering a variety of services including doggie day trips, emergency dinner time walks and last but certainly not least educational consultations with you, the parents. When with your pet I offer them unwavering attention and dedication by working hard to provide the most high-quality, professional and loving services available. A "positive experience" is promised when you allow me to work with you and your pup. You can also feel safe knowing that SMOOCH A POOCH Services is Licensed, Bonded and Fully Insured. 

My 3 E Theory
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My theory is along with proper diet and vet care, everything else you and your dog need for a happy relationship is encompassed in the proper Exercise, Education, and positive Experiences. 
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